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Softwashing in Point Clear

Softwashing in Point ClearAt this residence near The Grand Hotel on Beaver Creek Drive we cleaned the siding of the house, all porches, the concrete driveway, the individual stones all over the back yard, and of course the large shingle roof with steep pitch. This job took approximately two days to complete due to the requirement of using a mechanical lift to access certain parts of the roof. The roof had little ferns growing underneath the shingles and we removed 90% of those ferns. If homeowners have SoftWasherz clean their roof regularly as in every year, or some require every three to four years, then this foliage would never have time to develop leaving your roof healthier than ever! The concrete required a pressure wash to remove the initial heavy organic growth, and we applied a strong Soft Wash Solution to the concrete after the pressure wash to keep the growth from coming back so quickly. Humidity is always present in the Point Clear community as the Mobile Bay is right there and of course just living in South Alabama we endure humidity year round giving algae, Gleocapsa Magma, lichen, moss, and all other organic growth plenty of fuel to produce and expand all year long, even in the Winter months! It is never too late to give us a call to estimate your roof cleaning and Soft Wash House Wash in Fairhope, Alabama. Magnolia Springs has a large quantity of old live oak trees just like Point Clear, so we are well experienced cleaners!

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